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The following are the top questions that most customers have.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it's not a rush, we repair most issues, on average, within 3-5 days. We also offer a rush service for people that use their computers for work or just need it fixed right away. If we need to order parts for your repair, that can add an extra few days shipping time. Most common parts are kept in stock and some parts we can normally get next day or 2 day delivery. We realize how difficult being without your computer can be and we will always try our absolute best to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

Unless parts are needed, anything we do is $100 total for your repair. You pay $50 when you check your computer in and pay the remaining $50 when you pick your computer up, the total of those are the $100 total repair cost. If something is wrong with your computer and you're not quite sure what it is (liquid damage, motherboard faulty, laptop keeps overheating or shutting off, errors, blue screens, etc.), the $50 you pay up front covers our diagnosis so that we can give you a fixed total price for the repair inclusive of parts. If the cost of parts exceeds the worth of the computer, you pay nothing other than the initial $50. If the parts needed to complete the repair are within reason, you pay the cost of the part, plus the remaining $50 for labor upon completion of the repair. We don't want you to have any surprises and want you to know exactly what your repair will cost before we complete the work. We always get authorization from you before we install or order any parts.

Besides the fact that our customer service is more personalized and hands-on, we are experts in the computer and electronics repair field, it's all we do, day in and day out. The big retail chains are sales driven with pushy, unnecessary sales and you become just a number to them. In addition to that, their geek departments, who hire people with no electronics experience, send most of their work out to places like us who specialize in circuitry repair. The majority of the geek departments only use a software repair disc. If your repair is outside the scope of that repair disc, which most are, they send it out. We have the knowledge to completely dismantle your electronic and perform circuitry repair if needed. We'll diagnose and pinpoint the actual faults and in most cases repair those faults. We cannot tell you how many times a customer has come into our shop telling us the "geeks" told them their laptop could not be repaired or needed hundreds of dollars worth of repair and after we diagnosed it, it was something minor or not even remotely related to what the big box store told them. I promise you that with every customer who comes into our shop, we will do our absolute best to get your computer repaired at the lowest cost possible and as fast as we can.

Absolutely, we repair laptop and cell phone screens every day and it's much cheaper than buying a new laptop or new cell phone. See our Prices page for pricing and average turn around time or contact us for a quick quote. We have the majority of laptop screens in stock and can normally replace your screen the same day with our rush service or within 3-5 days with our standard service.

Our number one priority with every repair is keeping your data safe, even if you can no longer access it. We conform to the Data Protection Act and any data we hold is held in strict confidence. We undertake work from a number of local businesses including lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, etc. and understand how important personal data is. We always advise, if possible, that you make a backup of any important data on your computer prior to any work being done and we can discuss any backup options with you, if needed.

Ways To Avoid Costly Data Recovery

If you have important information stored on your computer that you cannot afford to lose, you need a backup plan in place immediately. We can help set that up for you right away.

What is the Best Anti Virus for PC or Mac?

Our opinion on that changes every several years depending on which antivirus companies are scoring the highest marks. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest protection suites for your computer and will provide those solutions for you when you come in for repair.

Do you sell used computers?

Yes we do! While our inventory changes from week to week, we do sell used laptops and desktop computers. Call us or stop in today and we can let you know what we currently have. Most used computers sold average in price from $150-$250 depending on make and model.