iPhone Repair

Starting at $100

We know how much you rely on your iPhone or tablet. In case you accidentally dropped it and the screen broke, if you spilled water or some other liquid over it or even if it is malfunctioning, you need to have it repaired fast. So, you can count on our iPhone repair service.

Our iPhone repair technicians have a lot of experience and they can help you with any of these problems. We cover all iPhone models from the latest ones like the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6 and even older models.

iPhone Screen Repair

We know how much you rely on your cell phone or tablet. Getting through each daily's responsibilities and activities would be virtually impossible without them. And inevitably when they get damaged, it can set you back hours or even days. Quite simply, you don't have the time to waste while you figure out what do about your iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone. That's where Restore Computer Repair comes in - our iPhone repair technicians have expertly repaired tens of thousands of phones and tablets over the years - there's literally not a problem we haven't seen and solved. From cracked screen repairs to any and all iPhone repairs you might need, our professionally trained and vetted iTechs will meet you and provide an iPhone repair, cell phone repair or tablet repair in less than 1 hour - at your home, office, or a neighborhood hangout that's familiar and convenient for you. That way, you can get your iPhone repaired and never have to be thrown off your daily schedule - so you can continue with your life while we fix your iPhone quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly.

Repair of Smartphone and Tablet

Broken iPhone, Samsung, LG, Droid, Motorola or other smartphone?

iPad, Android, or Samsung tablet not functioning?

If your phone or tablet's screen is cracked, broken, or not working, we can fix.

Why choose Restore Computer Repair for iPhone and tablet repair?

  • Low-cost diagnosis fee to determine multi-issue pricing.
  • Upfront total repair and part costs.
  • High-quality OEM parts.
  • Complete screen/digitizer replacement to ensure a lasting fix.
  • 30-day parts and labor warranty.
  • Local, friendly customer service.