Virus Removal

$99 Flat Fee

First and foremost we will save ALL your files, don't panic! Our number one goal is immediately saving the customers data once we've detected a virus on the computer. If you recently contracted a virus and are worried you've lost your files, don't worry we will make every attempt to get them back. We thoroughly check every computer we service for viruses, malware, and spyware to ensure that your data is safe and running as fast as possible.

Our technicians take care to make sure that your computer runs like new when you get it back. With every virus removal, we will go through your computer thoroughly and make sure we have completely optimized its performance to the maximum possible.

Computer Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow or freezing up?

Do you have annoying pop-ups or suspicious programs running on startup?

It could be time for a virus cleanup.

Why choose Restore Computer Repair for virus cleanups?

  • We diagnose each machine individually to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Our processes fully removes all traces of infection so your computer has a fresh start and runs as fast as possible.
  • We analyze your programs and features to make sure that no junkware or potentially harmful software is present, so your machine isn’t slowed down by these programs.
  • We use multiple tools to perform cleanups on your computer. We are thorough and take care to leave no trace of a virus or other malicious program behind.
  • We secure your computer against future attacks with recommendations for software to help prevent infections and include tools to manage your safety with all of our virus cleanups.