Our Services

If it's broken, we can fix it, no matter what part it is, no matter what brand.

We support all your computer repair needs: PC, Mac, mobile devices including phones and tablets and even flat screen tv's. Restore Computer Repair of Baltimore is your single point of contact to resolve any computer problem, no matter what needs to be fixed.

Computer Tune Up
Computer running alot slower lately or have error messages that won't go away? We can speed it up again and perform any upgrades you may need.
LCD & Laptop Screen Repair
Accidentally cracked your laptop, phone or tablet screen? We can replace it today!
Data Recovery
We can recover your data from a failed hard drive or if you accidentally deleted a file.
Circuitry Repair and Troubleshooting
Desktop or laptop not powering on? We can repair your power problems today, including: power supply replacements, dc jack soldering and motherboard repairs.
Custom PC Builds
We can build you a top of the line custom built pc with top rated parts, that typically carry 3-5 year and in some cases lifetime warranties.
Virus and Ransomware Removal
We can remove ANY virus, malware, adware or ransomware you've been infected with.

We Can Also Repair

  • Startup problems
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Blue screen, black Screen
  • Lines across the screen
  • Broken laptop hinges and plastics
  • Lost or forgotten passwords
  • Email not sending or receiving
  • Liquid spills of any kind
  • No internet connection
  • No sound or distorted sound
  • Windows upgrades or downgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Operating system install/reinstall
  • Backup and recovery solutions
  • Printer repairs
  • TV Repairs: no power, no sound, etc.

How It Works

We want to fix your computer for the lowest price possible. We guarantee it.

Diagnosing Your Device

When you come in you pay $40 for diagnosis, which gets applied to the $99 flat labor fee below to repair your computer. This diagnostic fee covers us taking apart your computer, running diagnostics, etc. to get to the root of the problem. If we find any faulty parts that need to be replaced, we will call to get your authorization first before proceeding with the repair. If you decide not to go through with the repair after diagnosis, we can transfer your data from your old drive for the remaining $59 flat labor fee.

Flat Labor Fee

After we diagnose the problem, all your pay is a remaining of $59 for us to fix whatever is wrong, no matter what the problem is (if parts are needed they are extra). Other places will charge by the hour leading to a very hefty repair bill that ends up costing more than the computer's worth. If it takes us 1 hour or 48 hours, you pay one flat fee labor price of $59, that's all. Again, if parts are required to complete the repair, we'll give you a total price for that part. If the cost of parts exceeds the worth of the laptop and you decide not to go through with the repair, you owe nothing further and do not pay the remaining $59 flat labor fee. There is never ANY hidden fees or charges.

Data Recovery

Have a hard drive that doesn't boot up any more, clicking, making noises, not mounting in Mac or Windows and need to get to your data? We can recover your data for a flat fee of $275. We charge $75 up front for our analysis of the faulty hard drive, to determine if it's elegible for data recovery. If we're able to recover your data, you pay the remaining $200. If we determine your drive is beyond recovery, there is no additional fee other than the intital $75.

Home or Office Visits and Remote Support

Don't feel comfortable unplugging all those wires and need a technician to come out to you? We charge an hourly rate of $125 for home and office visits. If you have internet access and need us to troubleshoot any problems remotely or remove a virus, we can do that as well. In the home or office, we can solve any network problems you may have, repair your computer issues, setup a new system, resolve printer and fax issues or provide computer training or tutoring.

Getting Help is Easy

Have a question? Give us a call or stop by the shop today. It's that easy.

Walk-In Servce

Bring your computer into the shop any time, no appointment needed. Same day service available.

Remote Support

If you have internet access and can access your browser, we can remote in to solve many problems.

Home or Office Visits

Whether you're in an office or at home, we can send a technician out to your location.